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Lary Dean the "Extreme Pastor"
Mission Statement: 1 Cor. 9:22  …all things to all men, that I might by all means save some.        
In a time when many pastors in America approach their ministry like a CEO, business manager or celebrity, God is raising up men that will help the church get back to what it’s really
all about. Ministry beyond the walls, intensity proportionate to need, connecting with people in the real world and being present, accessible and available like Christ -the ultimate
extreme pastor. Pioneering and developing ministry beyond the set lines is the goal of this renegade of ineffective tradition who’s been a pastor and ministry innovator since the early
eighties. The only thing he loves more than the Church, the Body of Christ; is restoring the church to effective biblical methods of Worship,
Evangelism, Discipleship, Ministry and Development.

The Goal: to change lives forever by connecting and changing the way people see, think about and approach Christ & Christianity.

The Source: God; His Word, Love, Grace and Spirit.

The Agent of Service: an extreme pastor- Lary Dean. From his Church planting, to his field work, to his itinerate teaching ministry,
to his ministry innovation, written works and beyond,he is committed to developing effective cutting edge concepts, materials and
ministries that will bring the lost and the Church to Christ and His purposes in an unprecedented and powerful way.

                     We invite you to prayerfully consider partnering with our Extreme Team and joining us in
         “Living Extreme for God’s Son to Change our Generation.”

Extreme Perspectives:
“Preacher's seem to put more emphasis on fearing th Lord and only fearing Him. They don't teach teh friendship that God wants too, the love of a father and his children. That you don't have to always be dignified. I've heard of "Father God" that I can dance and cry and fall apart and God's not going to freak out. I've always thought that God was so scary, untouchable, and unreachable. Exterme Church has changed all that and I am learning that God loves me no matter what.” -Jen Gallion

“Pastor Lary Dean has exceeded in abundance our expectations of what a guest pastor can offer (doing the first church service at the Arm Wrestling World Championships in Las Vegas). I first met Pastor Lary at the X Games in Los Angeles, August 2005. From the first moment I met him, I knew that this man was ordained by God with a holy fire. Pastor Lary's heart is overloaded and overjoyed with the Word of God and love for God's people. He speaks as a humble servant. His opening words are "I am humbed to be here." His message is inspiring and urges us to Go and tell the world about Jesus. He knows just what to say and when to say it. As I looked at teh attendees I saw many tear-filled smiling faces. He spoke so powerfully and with such enthusiasm and passion that it just seemed to flow from his sould. Than you God for Pastor Lary Dean and his divine uniqueness. I've never met anyone quite like him. ” -Harold Ryden - Founder and President of ”Pullers for Christ”

“Meeting Lary Dean was a divine appointment for me. While many are striving to build a church, Pastor Lary is striving to build the Kingdom of God. He is ablaze with an infectious fire and impassioned with a desire to rescue the lost. I believe Pastor Lary is on Hell's ten most wanted list. Saturated with anointing, God uses Pastor Lary to penetrate sub-cultures as well as mainstream with the redeeming gpower of the message of hope. Pastor Lary is dynamic and is the most powerful guest speaker ever to grace the pulpit at Church of the Extreme. ” -Pastor Shane Hoevelman - Found and Pastor “Church of the Extreme”

“Colossians 3:16 most aptly describes the anointed ministry of Pastor Lary Dean. The Lord has given Lary the unique gift of teaching vitally important life application principles from the
Word of God in a practical, easy to grasp manner while at the same time communicating his intense love and passion for the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word. Lary’s uncompromising
devotion to the Bible as God’s exclusive authority, to be taken literally and obeyed, is profoundly needed in the Church today.”
-Robert Wolfson Attorney at Law/Prison Minister

“Lary is one of the rare individuals who has been able to exemplify a passionate relationship with Christ, not only publicly, but privately and in all seasons of life. Anyone can yell or
scream Jesus’ praises from the mountain top, but, few can sing His praises while experiencing the valleys of life like Lary can. His professional ministry has led him into countless
varied arenas. From metal music star to State motocross champion, from the Senior pastorate to extreme sports chaplaincy. However, these successes have never tainted his
transparent love and passion for Christ. It’s a privilege to call Lary my brother in Christ, a fellow warrior and friend.”
-Rev Hillstrom Producer,Creation Station Media

“Lary’s been like a modern day Jesus to many. Loving the ones that need to be loved, teaching the ones that need to be taught, inspiring those who need to be inspired and sharing
the pain of those that are going through difficult times. His teaching is for real and true workers in Christ, to prepare those of us who are willing to share the truth of Christ with the lost
and the Church. I have often said to myself as well as people around me, that I could only hope to be the man Rev (Lary) is. No matter the circumstance, whether he’s under attack
or totally blessed, his compassion, his love and his zeal show in every breath and step he takes. Lary is the real deal, his teaching and friendship have been very valuable to our
ministry and to our family. I feel that wherever Lary is, he’s at the right hand of Jesus, doing His will.”
-Scot Pemberton Field Pastor MXers for JesusTX      

This guy is full-on and passionate about things that get me fired up -crossing up in the air on a screaming bike, wailing away on electric guitar, and pursuing this guy called Jesus like
He really does exist and really has a plan.
-Doug Van Pelt  Editor HM Magazine

Pastor Lary Dean is an on fire minister who's life best exemplifies that of the Apostle Paul.  He truly is all things to all people.  He has a uncanny God given ability to reach beyond the
walls of the church into a lost and dying world.  He is a transitional Pastor birthing new life into the lost and transforming them into the church.  God has taken him from the ramps of
motor cross, through the smoke filled stages of rock N' roll, to the on fire pulpit minister, and back to the streets of todays extreme youth generation, giving the extreme life that only
Christ can give. I had the pleasure of leading Pastor Lary to the Lord over 20 yrs ago.  His extreme love for the Lord has brought him into the realm of being a pastors pastor, able to
revitalize ministers and ministries with the lightning of God.  He has been strategically placed to empower them for the last great move of God before our savior splits the eastern sky.
You can follow pastor Lary as he follows Christ.
-Greg Van Gorp  Sr. Pastor -Victory Harvest Ministries

 -Liz Davis The Choice for Purity Ministries

“Pastor Lary Dean brings excitement, vitality and spiritual depth   to any ministry. He’s not afraid to think outside the box, yet remains both practical and inspirational. Pastor Lary loves
the church and has the heart and skills to reach the lost and hurting of our world.”
-Matt Hunt Brutal Planet Distribution

“You could liken the life of Lary Dean to a flame. As fire continuously burns for all to see and warms those who are around it, so too does he. His life glows full of tireless energy and
passion for the Lord, his family, the saints and the lost. The pattern of life he lives illuminates a path for others to follow; a sweet scent of a role-model for all Christians, leaders, fathers
and husbands.”
-Clay Hurst Trend Tracer Inc.

Extreme Background:
Lary was extreme in his past life of sin and self. Fully engaged in sin, extreme selfishness and ungodly living. In fact he considers himself to have been a “special forces sinner.”
Involved with much unrighteousness living and many extremely sinful activities. From drug abuse to promiscuity, to the vanity of performing many concerts in the incredibly decedent
Chicago club scene to the practicing of blood cleansing rituals as a black belt instructor in a martial arts cult, by the age of 19 Lary spent a lot of energy and effort  in sin and flowed “all
out” in the torrent of the world. So “extreme” was no stranger to this now fully dedicated “warrior shepherd” who is committed to living extreme for the One that saved him from sin and
most of all, from himself. So that others can encounter Christ’s love, truth and reality and come to receive Him as their own Lord and Savior.

Extreme Resolve:
“If the Gospel of Jesus Christ means anything, it means that, God gets to where people are and powerfully meets their need. No matter how great the distance or expanse. He met
our greatest need and conquered the judgment, wrath, death and punishment that was due every human being. By giving what He loved the most, His Son -Jesus, to destroy what  
He hates the most; sin! God hates sin, because sin is what separates us from Himself. God Himself has shown us, to help someone, we must effectively get to where they are. Like a
life guard, who must plunge into the water to rescue the person that’s drowning. That’s what the Lord Jesus did on the cross! That’s what His people (the Church) should do too. How
will we change someone’s life if we don’t connect  with them? How will we connect with them if we don’t get to were they are? Like the Lord, let’s get to where people are, exalt Christ,
God’s Son, help them connect  with Him and see the Lord…change their lives forever.”
-Lary Dean

Please prayerfully consider partnering with us in effectively spreading the Gospel, realizing ministry beyond the walls and building the church of our Lord Jesus.
Contact us so we can discover how our ministry can help to strengthen yours as we lift up God’s Son to change lives forever, together!

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